Access Control Software

Android and iPhone

You can use an Android or iPhone device to scan tickets at the entrances. They communicate with the Local Ticket Server (or directly with SABO), checking the validity of the tickets. Responds visually and audibly. Android allows use of the built-in camera but external USB scanner is recommended for fast scanning. Use of iPhone requires the Linea Pro scanner.

Local Ticket Server

Server to be placed on the local network at the venue for high-speed validation of scanned tickets via turnstiles, regular browsers, Android and iPhone software, and other devices. Features one-click import of tickets from SABO before event begins (if online, also automatically during the event), and export of scanned tickets back into SABO after the event is over. Alternatively scan directly to SABO. Some of the features are:
  • complex in/out/re-entry rules
  • handles multiple gates/entrances
  • unlimited number of client devices
  • real-time monitoring and status reports as tickets are scanned
  • human counter mode (count people walking through turnstile without scanning)
  • centralized easy-to-use configuration
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Turnstile Ticket Scanner

We also offer full scale, professional turnstiles with scanner and display, built around the Local Ticket Server for all configuration and monitoring needs. Unlimited number of turnstiles. Supports bi-directional scanning, patron name and photo, and human counter mode. This solution competes with systems from companies like Skidata and Axess, and has been deployed at large events like Formula 1, MotoGP, and South-East Asia Games with great success.
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